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Here are some frequently asked EMS equipment and Spineboard Decontamination Unit questions. If you don't see your question please don't hesitate to call.

1. How long is the cleaning cycle?

Approx. 41 minutes

2. What type of cleaner is used?

Ecolab XY-12 concentrated sodium hypochlorite solution (Highly concentrated Bleach)

3. What are the dimensions?

Height  43 Inches, Depth 23 Inches, Width 95 inches

4. Does it only clean spineboards?

No, it also decontaminates Pedi-immobilizers, KEDs, Scoop Stretchers, Plastic Straps, Air Splints, Traction splints, Military Litters, Hand Cuffs, Shackles and Patient Restraints.

5. Are there any other SDU machines on the market?

To our knowledge, no.

6. Who is responsible for cleaning EMS spineboards?

According to OSHA “Simply, it is every employer's responsibility to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for its employees. More specifically, according to the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, each employer with employees who may have an occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) is responsible for eliminating or reducing the potential hazard. In this case, where equipment is shared between first responders and emergency department or general hospital staff, each employer has responsibilities for protecting employees from exposure to blood or body fluids.” For further information go to our regulatory information page.

7. Is it OK to leave dirty spineboards for EMS to pick up?

Contaminated materials that are to be decontaminated at a site away from the work area shall be placed in a durable, leak proof, labeled or color-coded container that is closed before being removed from the work area. For further information go to our regulatory information page.

8. Is there grant money available to purchase the SDU?

Yes, SDU machines have been purchased with homeland security funds as well as EMS grants.

9. Do you have a maintenance plan?

 Yes, please contact us for information

10. What materials is the SDU made of?

Hospital Grade Stainless Steel

11. What is required for installation?

The customer merely needs  an adequate space, hot water connection, electrical connection and a drain.

12. Can it be used outside?

Yes it can as long as it is protected from the elements, it cannot have any direct precipitation fall on the unit.

13. How user friendly is it?

It is as easy as latching the lid and pushing the start button.

13. Is it cost effective?

Well, first of all the reduction in liability is hard to put a value on but in many cases is nearly priceless. The machine only uses approx a dollars worth of ECOLAB's product XY-12

14. Why should we purchase the SDU?

a) To prevent a build-up of contaminated spineboards in the closets and hallways of your facility. This also avoids fines by the hospital accreditation organizations.

b) To be compliant with OSHA standards. This also avoids fines by the US Department of Labor/OSHA and potential civil litigation.

c) To safely and efficiently decontaminate spineboards while freeing employees to perform other tasks/reduce labor expenses and exposure to bloodborne pathogens

d) Legal, moral and ethical responsibility to prevent cross-contamination of patients if the boards aren’t cleaned properly.

15. What does OSHA require during the cleaning of Spineboards?

Minimal spray and splatter. The SDU has NO spray or splatter outside of the machine. It also requires 10 minute contact times for decontaminating bloodbourne contaminated surfaces. For further information go to our regulatory information page.

16. What is the cost of the machine?

We have different pricing and leasing options available. Please call or e-mail for details.


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