Spineboard Decontamination Corporation

A modern transformation in decontaminating spineboards

The Problem

In today's world of Emergency Medical Services, we are faced with the biological hazards of our work, especially the COVID-19 virus and many more. These hazards are living micro-organisms that we call “blood-borne pathogens”. Each time the patient bleeds or expels a body fluid or tissue onto a spineboard, the healthcare worker is exposed to diseases, many of which are fatal. Future patients will be exposed to the same pathogens if the healthcare worker fails to decontaminate the spineboards properly. This creates the risk of liability for patient exposure, and legal responsibility for the agency. Spineboard Decontamination Unit Corporation has recognized the potential deadly outcome of inappropriately decontaminated equipment that occurs from the smallest accident to a much larger mass-casualty disaster.

What does OSHA have to say about the problem: OSHA Response

A Solution

The solution to the problem is the Spineboard Decontamination Unit (SDU)! It allows Emergency Medical Services providers and hospital personnel to place contaminated spineboards, or a combination of KED’s, Scoop Stretchers, Military Litters, straps, Pedi-Immobilizers, and traction splints into the unit for complete washing and disinfection, and controlled disposal of waste in a safe, efficient, cost effective fashion! Patent#: 5,472,004  UL#: 99VF/E220483

  This is the only multiple use, self contained decontamination unit available today! Proudly engineered, developed and manufactured here at home in the USA!


Three or Five Board Units Available.
Multifunctional: Decontaminates Pedi Immobilizers, KED's, Scoop Stretchers, Plastic Straps, Air Splints, Traction Splints, Military Litters, Hand Cuffs, Shackles and Patient Restraints.

Result: Clean, Safe, OSHA compliant solution to decontaminate non-disposable patient supplies


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