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Although handcuffs are used for typically short periods of time, the perpetrator’s skin, hair and body fluids can transport potentially infectious germs and microorganisms placing both the arresting officer and civilian at risk.

On the other hand shackles, handcuffs and silicon based restraint systems can be used on prisoners for greater period of time. Without proper disinfection cross contamination between prisoners may occur as well as officer exposure. Our company has recognized the need for large scale decontamination in the business of corrections.

Our large scale disinfection systems cleans and disinfects restraints, shackles and handcuffs in minutes. We have recognized the following aspects of the correctional and mental health institution day to day processes.

1. The potentially lethal aspects of hand-cleaning the contaminated handcuffs, shackles and restraints.

2. The dangers of placing
bio hazardous waste products into our sewer systems.

3. The need for
proper cleaning of correctional restraints after each prisioner to avoid cross-contamination.

4. Correctional decontamination practices are currently out of compliance with CFR 1910.1030(d)(2)(xi)

All procedures involving blood or other potentially infectious materials shall be performed in such a manner as to minimize splashing, spraying, spattering, and generation of droplets of these substances.

Our company comes to you, installs our product and trains your personnel to operate the self -contained decontamination unit (SDU). For one year your maintenance needs are worry free, after that year we do offer maintenance programs to meet your needs.

Our product utilizes ECOLABS XY-12  high concentrated bleach solution (this makes our product very economical to use), we set you up with a relationship with ECOLAB so you can re-order their product.

Our product is Grant Fund APPROVED, many of our customers purchased their units utilizing Federal or State grant funds. We will be more than happy to assist you in your finding funds.

Our product can decontaminate up to 250 different pieces at a time.

Contact us and let's start ensuring your correctional officers don't have to hand wash this mess and that your prisoners will feel safe in knowing that the restraints they are place in has been decontaminated properly.

Recommendations from "Peerless Corporation", outside of ultrasonic cleaning you do have options.

"Another option is to use a bleach bath. Mix 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Soak the cuffs for 10 min. and then following the instructions below. The bleach may cause the nickel finish to cloud or tarnish. Do not use this method for Black Oxide or Penetrate finishes or High Security Restraints."

Our SDU C-6000SCU


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