Spineboard Decontamination Corporation

Jeffery "JD" Gilliard, Pres/CEO/Owner/Inventor

 I have spent the last 32 years in EMS and I can tell you that I've cleaned my share of spineboards, straps, KED's, Pedi Immobilizers, Scoop stretchers...etc.

I know it's not a pleasant job. Around 1994, I was participating in a Brevard County, Florida EMS Advisory Council meeting when there was quite a stir among the hospital constituents. They were all getting extremely tired of the bloody backboards and other equipment on the ED ramps and in closets. That's when the idea hit me to design an automatic, simple to use Spineboard Decontamination Unit (SDU). I drew my initial design on a napkin from the table and immediately pursued my goal of making a quality product to making sure there was an alternative to cleaning them by hand or ANYONE being placed on an improperly cleaned/dirty one.

The owners, management team and company associates have over fifty years combined experience in emergency medical service. We are committed to working with potential customers to get the SDU into their hands to improve the safety and efficiency of cleaning/storing spineboards. Since the SDUs were developed by true veterans of EMS and Quality Management who understand the demanding requirements of our customers in EMS and healthcare services, they very effectively meet the needs of our customers.

In January of 2000 we sold our first unit.  Today we have them all across the USA and Canada. We have proudly kept all of our manufacturing and operations here in the USA.

I truly have been blessed with the support of friends, family and a team unsurpassed in the engineering, sales and production business. Thank you one and all, especially those who believed me and who are no longer with us;

 Thank you to all who have been involved in the great adventure and especially the following:

Kyle Gilliard (my son), for your support and contributions when times were tough and we had lots of "Hamburger Helper with Mistery Meat" on the table.

Jimmy J. Gilliard, my father...miss you dad!

Lucy Gilliard...my mom.

Ardith Huey.....my soul mate.

Bob Kunash, Quality Maintenance of Brevard

Garrett Miner, GEMS Industries, thank you Ann for carrying on!

Jeffery "JD" Gilliard


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